Technology recovery

Retire and re-use technology assets in a secure, compliant and sustainable way.

Secure and transparent processes

Making it easy...

We will manage the IT asset recovery process, giving customers a single point of accountability, covering all of their vendors and technologies

We are vendor independent and work with a range of government approved partners to offer these services. This independence enables us to help you select the right solution, informed by your requirements and vision.

Recycling options

Our services include:

  • Onsite and offsite data security - Data wiping to UK and European government standards, on or offsite with destruction available
  • Reverse logistics and standard recovery - Choose from a range of recovery and re-use options
  • WEEE compliant disposal - Disposal and recycling to reduce environmental impact, with certified WEEE compliance as appropriate
  • Audit, testing and full asset reporting - Capturing asset level detail or specification information, with functionality testing and detailed asset reporting
  • Multi-vendor remarketing - Use refurbishment and global remarketing to unlock value by extending the life of technology assets
  • Circular technology solutions - Develop a circular plan for sustainability and corporate social responsibility

Government approved data security

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other processes can complicate the process of removing equipment from your business. We have services that can reduce exposure to security threats.

You can benefit from data wiping to UK and European government standards, whether on your premises or offsite, with destruction available if deletion is not possible. Monitor erasure through a secure online portal and receive proof of compliance for your governance reporting.

Government approved data security
Blancco data erasure

Secure data erasure

Our finance customers can get Blancco data erasure licences

As the de facto standard in data erasure, Blancco provides thousands of organisations with an absolute line of defence against costly security breaches.

Close Brothers Technology Services is the UK’s only technology leasing company to offer Blancco data erasure licences as part of its technology finance agreements, enabling customers to manage the security of their electronic storage devices.

Click here to find out more about Blancco data erasure licences

Remarketing and circular solutions

Business interest in circular technology solutions is growing - particularly where there are opportunities to unlock value by extending the life of technology assets.

We can assist you with:

  • Multi-vendor and global remarketing
  • Refurbishing technology for reuse
  • Developing a circular solutions plan
  • Sustainability and corporate social responsibility impact.

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