27 Mar 2018

Helping PTS Consulting Group to replace their laptops without impacting cash flow

Flexible finance options you can trust. Find out how we worked closely with PTS Consulting Group to implement a replacement program for their laptops without impacting cash flow while at the same time giving them peace of mind about future funding.

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The customer:

PTS Consulting has spent the past three decades providing world-class IT solutions and strategies to support and enhance the data centre and built environment of some of the world’s leading organisations in 85 countries.

It does this by combining strategic guidance, impartial advice and practical implementation, resulting in a personalised service to organisations looking to transform the way they operate through IT.

The challenge – once bitten twice shy…

The company’s challenges were multiple – it was undergoing a laptop replacement program but did not want to impact cash flow because a poor experience with a previous leasing provider had resulted in hidden costs and onerous return conditions, financially impacting PTS Consulting and meaning the business was understandably hesitant about taking out finance.

In addition, with a regular flow of leavers and joiners, the business needed a smooth, flexible solution that wasn’t time consuming with a brand and a company they could trust.

The solution:

Working closely with Steve Nichols, Relationship Director, the business took a step back and set about exploring – at length – the various funding options available to them before settling on a deal that would help them both meet their objectives and overcome their challenges.

“We determined that a lease with a residual value was the most appropriate solution because it gave PTS the flexibility it wanted at the end of the lease while aiding cash flow,” said Steve Nichols. The result was a completely transparent agreement with the sort of high quality and transparent end of lease options, that comes from dealing with an experienced funder,

The results:

The funding solution has enabled the management team at PTS Consulting to focus on the management of the business without having to concern themselves about the logistics of funding, freeing up valuable time while also - crucially - enabling their working capital to be invested in other areas of the business.

“Having previously leased through a company that provided no communication or transparency around the end of lease process, it was refreshing to hear Close Brothers Technology Services identify this as a critical piece of their service offer.”

David Dewhurst, Chief Financial Officer, PTS Consulting

This project included: Technology Funding and Technology Acquisition 

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