12 Oct 2017

Big data analytics

IDC research shows that over 80% of CEOs of large European businesses have put digital transformation at the centre of their corporate strategy.

The business world has been changed almost beyond recognition by technology over the past 60 years. The pervasiveness of the internet and mobile devices is testament to that. But those changes will be equalled and exceeded over the coming decade by the confluence of several current technology-driven trends.

Indeed, we can expect to see changes in the way businesses operate on a scale comparable to that of the Industrial Revolution: the first indications are already here, with disruptive companies like Uber, Facebook and Amazon rewriting the rules of business with their new technologically driven approaches.

In this paper we outline approaches to working with big data for your business in three areas:

  • The perfect storm
  • Moving to the data-driven business
  • Creating an analytics culture

Click here to read a copy of the IDC paper 'Big data analytics: essential platform of the digital world' 

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