Unlock the hidden value of your software intellectual property

Software intellectual property

At Close Brothers Technology Services we understand that software development is increasingly important for many UK businesses; however, this often comes at a significant and ongoing expense.

As software development rarely stands still, businesses must have the resources to invest in regular developments to stay ahead of the competition and generate future revenues.

Many businesses have yet to realise the value that their software intellectual property holds. Equally main stream funders do not understand this area sufficiently to provide appropriate and aff ordable facilities.

How it works

In order to help businesses identify the value we have developed an accessible software funding product which can release this value back into your business.

What are the benefits to your business

  • Valuable release of capital back into your business to either;
    • - Invest elsewhere in the business
    • - Invest in additional development of your software
  • Ownership of IPR stays under the control of the business
  • Ability to flex the amount lent against the IPR
  • No need for you to release equity in your business to raise capital

In order to qualify the following need to be in place

  • IPR must be wholly and solely owned by the business
  • The developed IPR must be deployed, working and be critical to the operations of the business
  • The business must be willing and able to provide a charge over the IPR
  • Over £250,000 in software development expenditure incurred
  • The business must have a clear investment rationale

Transaction terms

  • Minimum lend against IPR to the value of £250,000 or above
  • Repayment terms three to five years

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